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touchwood n : material for starting a fire [syn: kindling, tinder, spunk, punk]

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  1. Decayed wood used as tinder; punk

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Touchwood is a shopping centre in Solihull town centre, in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom. The 650,000 sq.ft centre opened on 5 September 2001 and welcomes many visitors; figures for 2005 shows numbers as high as 17.2 million in that year alone.
"Designed to reflect the architectural features and heritage of Solihull with its naturally lit arcades, leafy courtyards and open spaces, Touchwood comprises the only John Lewis department store in the West Midlands, at 265,000 sq. ft, as well as 80 other stores, over 20 restaurants and a Cineworld nine-screen multiplex cinema. Access to the town centre is available from junction 4 and 5 of the M42 motorway, and the centre includes 6,000 car parking spaces".
The Touchwood access also leads to Library Square, for the Solihull Central Library and Arts Complex.


Some of the shops and cafes are:
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